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Requirements for abstracts:

Abstracts that meet the requirements below are accepted for consideration. The editorial board reserves the right to reject works based on the results of peer review without giving reasons. Materials that are not designed according to the requirements will not be accepted for publication.

Margins – top 3 cm, bottom 2 cm, left 3 cm, right 2 cm

1 line – heading – Arial style , 12 pt, bold, all caps, centered, 1.5 spacing;

2nd line – initials and surnames of all authors – A rial style , 12 pt, simple, centered, 1.5 spacing;

3 line – institution, city – A rial style , 12 pt, simple, centered, 1.5 spacing;

Actually theses – Times new roman style , 12 pt, simple, left-aligned, no indents, 1.0 spacing.

Structure the text for introduction, purpose, material and methods, results and conclusion. Include digital material from original research. Do not use figures, diagrams and tables, as well as references to authors after the text. The total volume of the text is not more than 1 page.

No more than 3 abstracts are accepted from one author.